Haply Robotics

A new kind of force-feedback controller, reimagined for unmatched versatility.

Portable, adaptable and extensible.

Powering the next generation of immersive digital experiences

The Inverse3 is the only haptic interface on the market that has been specially designed to be compact, lightweight, and completely portable.

Wireless tool tracking enables you to move freely through virtual environments, while our quick tool change mechanism allows you to easily connect and swap VR controllers, replica instruments, and other tools to leverage the Inverse3’s unmatched power and precision for next-generation force-feedback control.

Advanced haptics for virtual learning

The Inverse3 replicates tactile sensory input required for simulating technical tasks. It can precisely emulate complex sensations like cutting into tissue or drilling into bone—empowering students, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals to hone and perfect medical interventions before ever performing them in the clinical environment.

The path to world-class virtual surgical training is with the Inverse3.

A new kind of force-feedback controller, reimagined for unmatched versatility

  • PORTABLE: A fully collapsible design means you can take your Inverse3 with you, wherever you’re going. No checked bags, reinforced travel cases, or specialized shipping costs.
  • ADAPTABLE: On-the-fly reconfiguration allows a single Inverse3 to support countless procedures with zero downtime. Move an Inverse3 from one mounting point to another without recalibrating.
  • EXTENSIBLE: Don’t be limited to a single tracked handle when virtually swapping between tools in a VR experience. Our quick tool change mechanism allows you to seamlessly move from one procedure to the next.