Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap

Magic Leap 2 is an augmented reality device that maintains its user’s view of their environment while integrating digital content within it.

Introducing Magic Leap 2: The Ultimate AR Device

Magic Leap 2 is an augmented reality device that allows users to see and interact with digital content overlaid on their physical surroundings. It is specially designed for enterprise applications, such as remote collaboration, training, visualization, and assistance. Its open platform gives enterprises and developers the flexibility, cloud autonomy, and data privacy they need.

What Makes Magic Leap 2 Different?

Magic Leap 2 is not just another VR or AR device. It’s a breakthrough in spatial computing that delivers unparalleled performance and comfort. It has a wide field of view, a high resolution, a 6DoF tracking system, a spatial audio system, a long battery life, and a lightweight and comfortable design.

What Are the Components of Magic Leap 2?

The Magic Leap 2 Headset is a lightweight mixed-reality device equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, offering immersive experiences. It precisely tracks head position and eye movement, featuring high-quality optics and a wide field of view. The Compute Pack, a powerful processor, provides performance, storage, and memory support. It enables speech recognition and connects to a smartphone or computer through the Magic Leap Hub. The Controller facilitates navigation and interaction in the mixed reality environment, boasting six degrees of freedom tracking, an IMU sensor, and the ability to directly manipulate virtual objects.