VRLOGIC’s new generation of ergonomically designed stereoscopic displays.
The best choice for your 3D Desktop workstation for geospatial applications.

What makes a perfect 3D desktop workstation?

A 3D display with outstanding stereoscopic representation. A technology that enables flicker-free use without eye fatigue. A user-friendly design that allows the two displays to be adjusted to the user’s height, allowing ergonomic work with the ideal viewing angle for one or more users in a sitting position or small groups in a standing position. A passive beam splitter mirror that is adjustable and independant to allow stereo or monoscopic views. All these features are found in the SeeHawk3D product family, designed for users of professional geospatial applications in government agencies and private companies that look for superior stereoscopic image quality and comfortable viewing of such.

What is the magic behind it?

Constructed with aluminium lightweight materials, SeeHawk3D is maintenance-friendly system that is very durable and sustainable due to its simple replacement of components. The SeeHawk3D monitors consist of two identical flat screens whose two polarised images are superimposed by a semi-transparent mirror. The superimposed image is then re-distributed to the two eyes again by passive polarisation glasses. Compatible with normal daylight office conditions SeeHawk3D monitors are the optimal solution for demanding stereoscopic applications in the areas of remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, mapping, LiDAR and more. Being Plug-and-play with OpenGL and DirectX applications that support stereo, this simplifies the operation of the 2D/3D monitor making it easy to use. A graphics card that supports OpenGL or DirectX stereo is required.

What makes SeeHawk3D second to none?

  • The only ergonomically designed tiltable monitor frame (tilt angle from 0-20°)
  • Easy adjustment to user‘s height
  • Various sizes and resolutions available
  • Full resolution to both eyes for superior stereo imaging
  • A passive beam splitter mirror which is adjustable and independent
  • Flicker-free operation for extended stereo use without discomfort
  • Optimial for standard office lighting
  • Constructed with lightweight aluminum materials
  • Simple replacement of components
  • Durable & sustainable
  • Compatible with OpenGL or DirectX applications that support stereo3D
  • Extended Warranties available

The choice is yours

Not a user of a geospatial application? SeeHawk3D monitors also deliver stunning images for use in 3D applications like Molecular Modeling, Medical Imaging, Oil & Gas Exploration, Data Visualization, and Computer Aided Design.

VRLOGIC provides you not only with quality but also with various choices. The SeeHawk3D family is available in three sizes and resolutions:

  • SeeHawk3D 24” with FullHD resolution (1920×1080)
  • SeeHawk3D 27” with WQHD resolution (2560×1440)
  • SeeHawk3D 28” with UHD resolution (3840×2160)